How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Online Food Ordering?

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Online Food Ordering?

Integrating an online food ordering system to your restaurant’s website is one of the best ways to increase your sales, provide better customer support and improve user engagement. Although, restaurant owners can reap various benefits from an online ordering service/system, it might be troublesome for some customers. Here are some problems that customers might face while ordering food online.

1. Confusing or Complicated Menu

Confused Online Menu

When hungry customers visit your site to order food online, they don’t want to spend extra time navigating through your complicated online menu. A menu that doesn’t allow your customers to easily modify or add their food selection can be irritating for them and they might visit a more user friendly website.

Quick Fix

Try to place an order through your site and if you face any issue while placing your order or with your menu, consider revamping your ordering layout.


2. Accessibility

Online Food Menu Accessibility

In today’s time, where everyone prefers to use their smartphones to do their daily tasks, integrating an online ordering system that isn’t mobile friendly can be a real problem for your customers.

Quick Fix

Consider creating an easy-to-use mobile app to take orders. Moreover, consider to make your site responsive (mobile compliant) so that your customers don’t face any issue while browsing your site on their mobile.


3. Timeliness

Fast Food Delivery

An online food order has to pass through various phases such as a point-of-sale program, food preparation phase, and food delivery etc. The employee responsible for delivery might take more time to deliver an order due to other deliveries or priorities.  In a case like this, your customer might have to wait for a longer period of time. The more the customer has to wait, the more the chances of customers returning to your website.  .

Quick Fix

Audit every step of your online food ordering system from start to finish. Add a tracker to track the phases and update customers about their order status via push notifications or text messages.


4. Server Capabilities

Server Capabilities

It’s necessary for restaurants to have an infrastructure in place to handle bulk online food orders. In case, you run a well-planned marketing campaign to boost sales, it can result in high traffic on the site.  If your server is not capable enough to handle high traffic, your site might crash and you’ll lose customers to your competitors.

Quick Fix

Consult with your IT team for website bandwidth. Make sure to choose a good web hosting and a dedicated server that fits your business needs.  Ensure that your server can handle not only your current customer base, but also the growth you are projecting for your online sales.


We hope that you would take note of these common barriers and fix things before they get out of hand. It is necessary to have an effective online food ordering system that works flawlessly at the back-end and meets customer expectations.

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