The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Order Food Online

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Order Food Online

Welcome to Orderfoodonline website!

Looking for ways to place an order via our website? Is it your first time placing food order online?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here is an ultimate cheat sheet to help you order food online from our website.

  1. Go to



2. Enter your location and click on “Get Started.”

Order Food Online


3. Choose the restaurant you want to order from. Clicking on “Get Started” will display all the restaurants that are open in your area. You can also search for a restaurant depending on specific cuisine such as American, Indian, Mexican, Thai etc.

Online Food Delivery


4. Select a restaurant from where you want to order your food.

Order Food Online


Clicking on the information symbol (i) will redirect you to the restaurant’s page that offers complete information about the restaurant. Clicking on the restaurant name will redirect you to the page where you can “place food order.”

Order Food Online In LA

On this page, you can find various gift cards and coupons that you can utilize to get discounts on your food bills. You can also checkout the reviews about the restaurant and their food. You can find a restaurant’s opening time, delivery zones, food menu, popular food items, and special items etc.


5. Click on food menu to order food. You can filter food menu by selecting the type of food you want to eat such as veggie, spicy, seafood, vegan, and meat etc.

Food Delivery in Los Angeles

6. Clicking on a particular food category will open a list of food items available in that category.

Food Delivery in Los Angeles


7. Select the food item that you want to order. A pop up box will open where you can select the quantity. You can also add some specific notes like don’t add mushroom or make it less spicy etc.

Order Food Online


8. The selected food items will be added in the food cart.

Order Food Online Los Angeles 


9. Once the food items are added in the food cart, the next step is to choose order options – pickup or delivery.

Order Food Online Losangeles


10. Select your order option and then click on “Place Order.” Please note that minimum food delivery charges varies from restaurant to restaurant.

Order Food Los Angeles 


11.  This will redirect you to “Customer Login page.” If you’re an existing customer of “Orderfoodonline” you need to enter your username/password to proceed. If you’re a new user, you can sign up with your Facebook or Google account. You can also login as a guest, but some promotions might not apply in the guest account.

Order Food Online 


12. To create a new account, enter your details here and then click on “Finalize Order.”



We hope this cheat sheet helps you place your next order without any issues. If you still have any query regarding placing an order with, feel free to comment below or mail us at

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